“Grass root systems are composed of numerous long thread-like roots with many even-smaller branches so fine that they can be difficult to see without magnification”.

This describes what is happening in #Zambia. The work of the Anti-Corruption Commission Zambia and law enforcement agencies is complimented by the efforts of our youth!! And we all know that these institutions are resource challenged and need all the help that they can get.

Led by the youth leaders who attended the “#Shifting #Mindsets on #Corruption for #Youth in #Zambia” workshop, this grassroots system is becoming noticeable as it spreads widely across Zambia.

On Friday, two updates were shared on our WhatsApp group from the #Copperbelt and #Luapula provinces. It’s motivating that the mindsets of our youth have shifted.

In the #CopperbeltMonica Shamboko, Ivy Tembo, and Innocent Nshindano took on #Copperbelt #University and invited different campus #student #organizations. Their goal was to equip students with skills to fight corruption. The workshop networked with civil society organizations to help in the dissemination of information and raise awareness about corruption in the Copperbelt. Youth leader Ivy identified challenges and provided solutions for fighting corruption. Monica asked the organizations and students to work together. Innocent thanked the #ZLA planning team for the commitments and efforts towards the teams. Last, they opened doors for other youth to join the Copperbelt provincial team.

In #Luapula Province, Astridah Mayungo, Mpando James, Musonda Clarity, Maybin Nkandu, Geoffrey Mambwe, Sarafina Nkandu, and Esther Mwenya had a successful meeting with marketers from the Chilyapa market in Mansa. Our youth leaders discussed the definition of corruption, its effects on the community, how and where to report cases, the CDF guidelines, and how they can take part in the fight against corruption. The meeting was very interactive as the marketers had many questions and wanted more information, especially on CDF. The marketers assured us that they will start reporting cases with the new information gained and knowing where to report cases. They gained knowledge that whistleblowers are protected by law in Zambia. Our youth leaders enjoyed the time spent with marketers.

Our Zambian youth continue to impress!! Let’s all join the fight against corruption!

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