Mizinga Melu, managing director of ABSA Bank Zambia, has recently founded When Females Lead and developed a website; this organization is an uplifting outreach designed to empower and raise “confident female leaders across the African continent.”  Through mentoring programs, career guidance, and community empowerment, WFL stands for everything that makes women powerful and unique.

When Females Lead has four pillars: mentoring, STEM career support, agricultural career support, and young girls’ empowerment through education.  Women can, do, and will occupy any career and professional role – WFL aims to help women achieve their leadership potential within any profession.

Some of you have had the chance to meet Mizinga live; she hosted the ZLA & AZA Virtual Brunch and Learn: Make a Great First Impression on Oct 17, 2020.  We were so excited to have her host a session, and we hope you learned some meaningful tips to apply in your own professional lives.  Melu is an outstanding speaker and a genuinely compassionate friend of ours here at ZLA.

“Helping discover the leader in you.
Women are the now and future.”
-When Females Lead

We invite you to explore WFL’s new website, whenfemaleslead.org, and to follow Mizinga Melu’s organization on social media.  You can find When Females Lead on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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