Thank you to everyone who participated in, attended, and donated to the cause for the “Shifting Mindsets for Entrepreneurial Success” Diaspora Conference, held in Atlanta, Georgia, from September 7-9, 2023.

The conference saw remarkable success with record-breaking attendance, featuring more than 600 guests from around the world. Sessions were sold out in advance, highlighting the anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding the event. Feedback from participants, speakers, panelists, media, and partners has been overwhelmingly positive, leading to inquiries about the next conference pouring in.

The conference featured diverse and enlightening highlights, including lectures on African women’s leadership, keynote addresses, thought-provoking panel discussions on topics like food, education, and generational wealth, as well as insights on diaspora engagement.

The closing gala recognized outstanding leaders in the diaspora with the Shifting Mindset Excellency Award in various categories, and funds were collected to combat corruption and empower youth in Zambia through the ZLA Foundation.

We urge you to continue your support for the ZLA Foundation. For our ten-year anniversary, we hope to hold an even more remarkable conference and gala next year.

Read on to see Dr. Freda Mwamba Brazle’s letter in full and to read a summary of this year’s event:

Dr. Freda Mwamba Brazle’s Letter

Summary of “Shifting Mindsets for Entrepreneurial Success” Diaspora Conference, 2023

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