Zambia does not need to begin from stratch to ignite collaborative diaspora engagement. We can learn from other countries that have been doing this for years. Hence, the ZLA &AZA decision to learn from Ireland and Belize through the recognized strategies and successes of Susan Morrice at “Shifting Mindsets to Ignite Growth” event on Dec 11th at Le Meridien hotel in Atlanta.

Susan beleives in human energy and that the right mindsetforsuccess is needed by the diaspora to drive sustainable development. Grounded by her love of nature Morrice lives to create positive change in the world. As an experienced geologist, explorer and dealmaker Morrice is renowned for her down-to-earth approach. I have experienced this. She has a passion for the protection of our precious environment and a vision of uncovering the trueself potential of everyone with whom she meets and works.

Belize Natural Energy (BNE) has grown from just a dream seven years ago to today being a global oil industry beacon that has transformed a nation in Central America – an amazing success story when you consider that 96% of the BNE workforce are Belizean and just seven short years ago there was no infrastructure or skilled oil industry labour in the country….. On Dec 11th, we are excited to have Susan share golden nuggets at our ‘shifting mindsets to Ignite Growth event in Atlanta.

We encourage you to buy your tickets before we sell out.

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