It was a big success! “Shifting Mindsets on Corruption for the Youth in Zambia”, touched the hearts and minds of the youth participants who are now totally committed to fighting corruption on all levels.

ZLA is grateful to all our sponsors, collaborating partners, facilitators, speakers & youths for their unwavering support of the pilot. It would not have been possible w/out their contributions.

Businesses, law enforcement, the diaspora, and civil society joined efforts to target youths and position Zambia as a lead country in fighting corruption in Africa. This is at the backdrop of Zambia having over 65% of youth from an estimated population of 19 million. This generational cohort is a useful resource that can drive positive change if engaged effectively to fight corruption & participate in social /economic matters.

It was a collaboration with the Anti-Corruption Commission, Drug Enforcement Commission, Financial Intelligence Center, Transparency International, Zanaco PLC, and Attorney General Alliance Africa who joined hands to hold a pilot workshop for 53 youths, selected from the ten provinces, to promote a zero-tolerance culture for corruption in the country.

ZANACO, the Irish Embassy, and British High Commission were involved in the pilot workshop that included the youth understanding the definition and impacts of corruption, embracing hard work, valuing entrepreneurship, focusing on creativity & breaking gender and income inequality gap. The youths were encouraged to advocate their Zambian culture and patriotism to push the country’s developmental agenda to heights that are in tandem with their aspirations.

The interactive workshop utilized experiential learning to highlight challenges that affect the Zambian youth which included topics such as bribery, sextortion, corruption, substance use disorders, unemployment, gender-based violence and gender inequality, mental health, etc..

A variety of youth speakers were engaged such as Natasha Mapulanga (Ms. Zambia), James Sakala (Cultural Musician), Activist B’flow, Trevor Mumba (Entrepreneur), Rob Simbowe (Mixed Martial Artist), Chandra Choongo (President of UNZA Student Union), Lulu Haangala (Communications Expert), Dana Patel (Photographer) with the Chief Executive Officers of ACC, Zanaco, DEC, and other high ranking business leaders.

A control group has been identified to demonstrate the value of the program and feedback from this pilot workshop will be used to enhance the curriculum. Participating youth have become Ambassadors of the program and will thereafter be expected to conduct Provincial Road Shows to raise awareness on the importance of shifting youth mindsets for non-tolerance for corruption, promote entrepreneurship, innovation, and personal responsibility for a sustainable life of a youth in all corners of Zambia.

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