It is an honor to announce that our very own Soneka Kamuhuza will be Master of Ceremony at our upcoming “A New Beginning: Shifting Mindsets to Ignite Growth” event in Atlanta on December 11th, 2021. Zambia has several talented and gifted people in the US who are purposely energized and uniting to give back to their communities of origin. Soneka has been doing this all along and brings to the table, two decades’ worth of experience in the for-profit, post-secondary school arena. Whether training up impactful teachers or school leaders and navigating team dynamics or managing the classroom and intentionally engaging students for completion #success, his contributions have earned him numerous retention awards and Director of the Year recognitions.

Through volunteerism and programmatic work with area non-profit entities, he has brought his passion to community advocacy. Over the years he has continued to be a youth leader & mentor, building programs, and writing and delivering workshop content. He serves as a conference speaker & facilitator. One of his current pursuits finds him focused on improving the mental, physical, and spiritual wholeness of men via his non-profit organization the Institute for Wholehearted Men (

He is a graduate of Boston University & Newbury College and his professional roles have included vicepresident of Education for Porter & Chester Institute, Global Training Manager at Pole to Win International, Regional Education Director at American Career Institute and Academic Dean at Florida Career College, to name a few.

With a keen interest in the delivery of technology education and innovation, he is passionate about Africa and Zambia in particular. He channels a significant amount of this energy into engagement with the community be it locally or in Zambia. When not being a father of two girls and a husband, he can sometimes be waylaid being a serial entrepreneur in the education technology space, an author, podcaster, musician, DJ, poet, dancer, and a general lover of life and people.

ZLA and AZA invite you to join us. Buy your ticket now. We have limited space . . .

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