Natasha Joan Mapulanga has done more than just become “Miss Zambia” for 2022; she’s also an agent for positive change, not just in Zambia, but across the world. She was actually one of many participants in the “Shifting Mindsets on Corruption for Youth in Zambia” conference back in December of 2022. After this conference, Natasha decided to begin fighting for her and her peers to stand up and fight corruption, whatever that looks like.

On Saturday, February 11th, Natasha was live on ZBTR TV, a radio talk show that hosts many different guests who bring new perspectives and passions to the table.

Natasha discusses the following critical issues, in conjunction with fighting corruption.

Natasha explains that, while school might take up time that could otherwise be spent in activism, she strongly recommends a good education. Education is incredibly important for youths in understanding the world around them; common knowledge, including history, can help build an accurate view of what’s going on in politics and socioeconomic decisions being made and how they impact the youths of the world.

Socioeconomic Disparity
Miss Mapulanga also touches on the vast difference that exists between different groups of youths in not only Zambia but Africa as a whole. This socio-economic difference means that the two groups of youths don’t often act “in synch” with one another. This is a difficult hurdle to overcome, but Natasha’s goals are to bridge that gap and to help the two groups act in a more unified manner.

Menstrual Hygiene
Another issue facing female youths in underprivileged areas of Africa is menstrual hygiene. For many young girls in Zambia and Africa, sanitary products are incredibly expensive – an expense that many parents cannot afford.

Natasha Joan Mapulanga has worked alongside Human Street Health Aid Zambia with these communities to supply young girls with menstrual cups – a reusable solution that eliminates costs and allows female youths to attend school. This way, they don’t face ridicule during the month, avoid school, and fall behind their male peers.

And Much More…
To see the whole radio talk show and learn more, watch the YouTube video above!

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