Thanks Tanya Fooks for introducing me to Mwai Y.. Her skills, talent, love and purpose for Zambia are exemplary. I, too, are in awe of what she’s doing to promote #Zambia as a luxury and exotic destination. I resonate with her on making your dreams a reality.

It’s an absolute blessing that #Exalt #Africa (one of her companies) is collaborating with us on the #Zambian #Diaspora #Conference in Livingstone from July 6 to 8. We are partnering on providing our guests with a memorable experience that will be talked about for years to come. This will be an event planned by Zambians and we are guaranteeing that you will not be disappointed with the caliber of this event.

Mwai Y. is the Brand Ambassador of #Royal #Livingstone. In her work, it is evident that she has a growth mindset! She leverages top Zambian vendors and talents and intentionally looks for talent that has not yet been exposed. Her approach is to weave and promote Zambian goods and services in all her productions. She mentors and coaches Zambians to also acquire a mindset of excellence. Then she invites celebrities and royals to experience Zambian excellence. Isn’t this brilliant?

She consistently showcases excellence in all that she does. She IS phenomenal and gives me goosebumps every time we talk. She brings her ‘A’ game to each of our meetings. I am inspired and motivated by her.

PLEASE watch and share this video posted by Tanya and write your reactions on this post. This is Livingstone, Zambia.

I would encourage you to follow Mwai Y. and learn more about her work at Exalt Africa website #africa #talent #experience # #video

Dr. Freda Mwamba Brazle

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