Did you know? Once upon a time, Silicon Valley was just farms and orchards, until Frederick Terman, the legendary dean of Stanford engineering school during the 1940s and 1950s created the tradition of Stanford faculty starting their own companies. These men and women engineers were encouraged and interested in making things possible that had not been possible before. It is this intentional culture of creating entrepreneurs that made Silicon Valley famous.

Hugh Molotsi’s career started and continues to evolve in Silicon Valley, his niche is Innovation. He believes that the biggest underutilized assets are the ideas in peoples heads. He has co~authored “The Intrapreneur’s Journey: Empowering Employees to Drive Growth” which recommends that companies and institutions must empower employees to work on their ideas. Hugh advocates and believes that Africa, with 42% of the population being the youth, promises a future for unicorns and entrepreneurs.

At the December “Shifting Mindsets to ignite Growth” conference held in Atlanta, Hugh shared this inspiring and motivating talk …. Take a listen and save the dates, July 6 to 8, for our inaugural Diaspora Conference in Livingstone, Zambia.

Let me know whether you agree that execution of ideas will be one of the important factors to innovate Zambia | Africa. Look forward to seeing you in Livingstone with brilliant Zambians and friends of Zambia.

Dr. Freda Mwamba Brazle

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