Growing up in #Zambia, parents and teachers didn’t teach how to manage difficult conversations. The closest advice was don’t say much and/or walk away. Did you receive similar advice?

Fast forward, I ask whether that advice was correct or adequate and the answer is ‘Not correct & not adequate’.
We all need to learn strategies & tools on managing our emotions & actions during difficult conversations. Without this, its hard to have open honest dialogue with others. Leaders, especially, have the responsibility for creating conducive environments where difficult conversations can happen. It’s important that we, especially immigrants, learn how to respond & manage difficult or challenging conversations.

About 3 years ago, I faciliated a session to the Anthem Internal Consulting team and leveraged a book called “Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High”. The team loved this session and I highly recommend this book. I also would like to share this article –

If you’re an immigrant (most of us are ?), I am interested in knowing if and what you were taught from your home countries, any tips that you can share and advice on how to train our #youth and #future leaders.

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