What is corruption and why is it so important to root it out and dissolve it? According to Transparency.org, corruption is “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain.” Those of us that understand the implications of widespread corruption eventually ask “how can I fight corruption” and tend to get distracted and beaten down by the fact that corruption seems like such a huge issue – surely it’s much larger than us.

Here at the ZLA Foundation, we love opening up discussions about these topics and recently hosted an entire conference on this topic for Zambian youths.

Why Is It So Important to Fight Corruption?

“To oppose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism.”

G. Edward Griffin

Corruption is a sickness that spreads and grows to encompass everything. Unfortunately, the only way to purge corruption is to expose it and enforce consequences. Furthermore, corruption is a drain on a nation’s resources and ability to care for its citizens properly.

When we let corruption go unchecked, we’re doing ourselves and our fellow citizens a massive disservice. In a perfect world, younger generations wouldn’t be left with messes to clean up from the older generations – but we can choose to be better… to do better.

So, how do we do better?

How Can I Fight Corruption? I’m Just a Teen…

You might be asking yourself “how can I fight corruption?” It’s easy to get caught up in the “I can’t…” mindset. “Surely I can’t make a difference – it’s just me.”

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth – especially for teens and youths. You are the future of our world. The generations after you will eventually look to you for guidance. They will be citizens under governments occupied by you.

You have more of an impact than you realize, and it begins now.

Raise Awareness

If everyone were always silent about issues, nothing would ever change – no progress would ever be made. This is one of the reasons why people campaign across the world to raise awareness for social and socioeconomic issues. You can be a voice of change simply by sharing information – both online and in person! You have a voice and you can let that voice be heard. Draw cartoons, put on plays, protest, and more!

Follow the Money

There is a very distinct line between capitalism and corruption, but it’s often buried so that others can’t see. If you spend time following the money, the trail will never lie. You may not have access to as many things as others as a teen or youth; however, you can still stand up for injustice in your own realms. For example, at your school or church!

Keep Open Eyes

Corruption likes to stay hidden, and many injustices go under our radar because they are covered up. If you see injustice, don’t simply convince yourself that you don’t know what you saw. Don’t accept bribes for keeping quiet. Find someone to protect you and speak up! Above all, keep an eye out for injustice!

Begin a Movement to Fight Corruption

We may not be strong on our own, but we can move mountains when we work together. Furthermore, it’s much more difficult to quiet a whole movement than it is to silence one individual.

The ZLA Foundation: Taking a Stand

Corruption is so successful because it’s scary and intimidating. So, standing up and fighting can be incredibly daunting! However, it’s one of the most important things that we can do for future generations.

Here at the ZLA Foundation, we understand the severity of and how deep corruption runs. Corruption hurts the most vulnerable of us and impedes societal progress; for this reason, the ZLA Foundation is taking a stand. Along with the world’s youths, we want to spark insightful change. What can you do to take a stand?

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