Zambian born Innovator, entrepreneur, author, and former Intuit VP of Innovation, Hugh Molotsi is a versatile professional with skills in many areas. Mr. Molotsi is the CEO and founder of Ujama, a messaging platform where community members help one another. Hugh has spent many years developing technological solutions for both the consumer and business sectors.

You can find Mr. Molotsi on the hunt for great, new ideas in any sector; he is passionate about innovation, philanthropy and has always been a strong advocate for ZLA. Hugh loves to nurture the voices of those with brand new solutions to our communities’ biggest problems.

Board Member Election: Mozilla Corporation

According to Mr. Molotsi, “the internet has been the most transformational technology in [his] years working in the industry.” On the front lines of this forward march has been Mozilla, the developers of the browser Firefox. Mozilla’s browser has always been different, though; Firefox has been open-source (anyone can view and make changes to the source code) since its conception.

Mozilla and Hugh Molotsi both believe in the profound power and need for internet accessibility across the world. Mr. Molotsi will serve on the Mozilla Corporation Board of Directors, a division of the company’s leadership team.

Congratulations, Hugh Molotsi

We thoroughly appreciate your dedication to communities around the world. Here at the ZLA Foundation, we hope that your board position helps you to grow in your leadership abilities and inspire change in those around you.

From all of us at the ZLA Foundation,

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