#Zambia #Southern #Province #Youth #Leaders are taking on the #bull of #corruption by its horns . . . Tobias Chulu, #Chaabo Yumba, #Milton Munsaka, #Hetrey Mpundu, #Spencer Makungu, #Wisdom Chilundika, and #Ephiness Halukuba have one thing in common. They attended the “Shifting Mindsets on Corruption for the Youth in Zambia” pilot workshop and are now applying what they learned. These impressive young men have taken their role in fighting corruption seriously and as youth leaders in Southern Province are armed to fight the bull of corruption by its horns. After all, they are in the land of Tonga Bulls!

On May 13, 2023, our ZLA youth leaders, on foot, conducted a robust community sensitization in Choma, the Southern province of Zambia. The aim of the activity was to gain insights and increase their understanding of the current mindset of other youth on people leaders who are responsible for public finance management.

Our youth leaders were informed about several issues through honest conversations with the community. Some of the issues raised were about the unfair CDF distribution, councilors only showing up when it’s time to vote, and MPs being absent and oblivious to the community’s needs. There was also minimal understanding of corruption, what it is, and what it isn’t. The community expressed an interest in knowing more about their rights and what to do when they encounter corruption.

Our youth leaders are geared and intentional in their activities of empowering others and want to do more. They are making a remarkable difference in each province. #youthleadership #ZLA #diasporaengagement # #mindset #anticorruption

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