Saturday, December 11, 2021: What an Experience!! We thank God for everyone who traveled from near and far to our “Shifting Mindsets to Ignite Growth” event. Our planning committee was thrilled to host you and are confident that a shift happened with your mindset. Our guests listened to lessons from Ireland, Belize, and Ghana to identify low-hanging fruit to ignite engagement of Zambian and friends of Zambia diaspora towards sustainable development. ZLA and AZA recognized and awarded four Zambians for their past and ongoing contributions to Zambia’s socio-economic development

Heartfelt thanks to Soneka Kamuhuza and Chitabala Kabulo, CPA, who moderated the event.

During the day, our speakers Dr. Luka Powanga, Susan Morrice, Sena Kwawu, Hugh Molotsi Almaz Negash , George Kabwe, Thomas Konditi, Margret Mwendapole, African Education Program, Rodney Siwale, Carol Chanda, Ray Sianjila , Constance Moonzwe, and Fiskani Kaira shared their stories, insights and recommendations for us to shift our mindsets to ignite growth.

Dr. Naomi Barber King, civil rights icon and wife to AD King (older brother of Revered Martin Luther King) celebrated her 90th birthday at the night gala. She was serenaded by Sylvie Chibiliti and came to the event with A.D. King Executive Director Dr. Babs Onabanjo

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